Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system is important to keep the occupants of a vehicle safe from the poisonous gases produced due to the fuel combustion process. Therefore, you need to ensure that all the components of your exhaust system always stay in excellent working condition. We have several years of experience in performing repairs, replacement, and maintenance of exhaust system for domestic as well as imported cars.

Car exhaust system

Our Car mechanics can diagnose and fix the issues affecting the exhaust system of your vehicle by using the latest equipment and techniques. We keep a stock of mufflers, catalytic converters, manifolds, and tailpipes sourced from reputable manufacturers for replacing the damaged components of your exhaust system. Having the knowledge of signs or symptoms that prove that your vehicle’s exhaust system needs attention is really helpful.Warning signs of problems with the exhaust system:

  • Gas smell inside the vehicle while driving.
  • Unusual or burning smell coming from the engine.
  • Excessive or strange noise coming from the vehicle.
  • The exhaust pipe is dragging or hanging on the road.
  • Decreasing fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.
  • The feeling of vibration on touching the steering wheel.

Ignoring the warning signs can further damage the exhaust components and increase the repairing cost. A properly operating exhaust system improves the fuel economy of your vehicle and reduces pollution. We charge competitive prices for car exhaust repairs in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Tarneit, Truganina, Werribee and neighboring areas.


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