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Looking for Car Service & Repairs across werribee? You can head straight to Mr Mekanix. We are one of the leading car repair shops in Melbourne offering a wide range of car repairs and services across Werribee and its surrounding areas. We’re passionate about car care and can handle anything and everything that bothers your vehicle. We have a team of certified mechanics that provide an in-depth inspection and recommend services based on the extent of the damage or issue. When it comes to pricing, our rates are affordable, and we will charge only or what we do. We provide a wide range of car service and car repairs including,

The components may wear out over time, and sometimes you may even forget your vehicle’s periodic maintenance schedule. In such a case, your vehicle will not perform the way it should. It’s why we insist on periodic car maintenances. Depending on the model you have, we will recommend the right service for you.

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Why Mr Mekanix Should Be Your Go-To Car Repair Shop?

  • We have certified and experienced technicians to perform car diagnostics, repairs, and service.
  • We install the manufacturer recommended original parts for replacements.
  • We have the latest car diagnostic tools and systems to detect the issue and recommend an accurate solution to get your vehicle ready for the road.
  • We provide an in-depth inspection for your vehicle to fix whatever issues bother your vehicle.
  • As we have experienced mechanics, we ensure to get your vehicle ready within a short time.
  • From repairs to replacements, we offer our services at an affordable rate. We do high-quality replacements to make your vehicle perform efficiently.

If you’re looking for a reliable and friendly car repair shop across Werribee, call Mr Mekanix on (03) 9369 7778 today.


Authentic, polite, down to earth

I was treated very professionally and kindly. I was concerned about costs, looked it up, and they had an absolutely fair price for the work I needed.I’ve had no issues so far, and plan to continue going to them for all my needs.


Excellent Service – Very grateful I found Mrmekanix Auto Repair

Excellent work and great value from a top team. Along with honesty, integrity and excellence in service, I fully recommend Mr Mekanix Auto Repair for service Your vehicle.


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