Car Service

Are you looking for car service near Victoria? Mr Mekanix is here to help. We provide a wide range of car services and car repairs for our customers across Victoria and its surrounding areas. Every car owner keeps searching for the best car repair and car service shop for minor and major car issues to ensure their car receives the best service. Before you take your vehicle for maintenance or repair, know which type of car service or repair your car needs and make your way to Mr Mekanix. The best part of our car service is, we provide an in-depth inspection for your vehicle to get to the root cause of the issue and resolve it completely. Whether it’s fixing an oil leak or handling transmission or engine issues, we have certified mechanics to do it for you..

Car Servicing

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility and the best equipment to do the repair job. At Mekanix, we have got you covered with all type of car service & car repairs and we specialize in;

General Car Service
From a simple oil change to minor tune-ups, we provide periodic routine inspection and maintenance services to ensure that your car is all set to hit the road without any issues. We provide comprehensive repairs and service with best-in-class equipment at an unmatched price.

Brake & Clutch Repairs
We all know brake & clutch work is important, especially when the car is not making a stop or pulling to Repairs another side and makes a grinding sound; it’s essential to check the brake pads, brake disc, drum, and motors.

Transmission Repairs
Whether your vehicle’s transmission system is in repair and needs a fluid replacement or a complete rebuild, we at Mr Mekanix can resolve the issue and get you back on the road as safe as possible.

Engine Repairs
A car engine is a crucial part of your vehicle and has to function properly. If any issues are surrounding your engine or any wear and tear, we can provide a thorough inspection of the engine and install the worn-out parts to make it function properly.

Car Batteries
When your vehicle breaks down often or takes a long time to start, the problem is with your car battery system. From installing branded car batteries to resolving any issues in the existing car batteries, we can provide car battery replacements and repairs for you.

Tyre Replacements/Repairs
From replacing worn-out tyres to fixing minor tyre punctures, Mr Mekanix offers high-quality tyre replacements and repairs at the best price.

Logbook servicing
Your logbook is the only record of your car maintenance history. If you’re looking for an authorized logbook service, Mr Mekanix is the ideal choice for your logbook service. With us, you can service your new car and protect the warranty with our professional service.

Roadworthy Certificate
Looking for a roadworthy certificate for your car? Get a reliable roadworthy certificate from our team at Mr Mekanix. If any issues arise during the inspection, we can handle your mechanical issues. When you choose us for the service, we ensure to get you the certification as soon as possible.


Authentic, polite, down to earth

I was treated very professionally and kindly. I was concerned about costs, looked it up, and they had an absolutely fair price for the work I needed.I’ve had no issues so far, and plan to continue going to them for all my needs.


Excellent Service – Very grateful I found Mrmekanix Auto Repair

Excellent work and great value from a top team. Along with honesty, integrity and excellence in service, I fully recommend Mr Mekanix Auto Repair for service Your vehicle.


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