5 Weird Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

How old is your car? Have you ever experienced weird sounds from your car while driving or taking turns? It can be difficult to describe the noises your car makes.  Like click-click, vrrrrr, squeak, vroom and grinding, these are just a few you may have heard once or twice on your journey. Some car sounds are normal, but there are some that you should never ignore.

Here’s a list of car noises you should never ignore and check and know whether or not you need to visit a Car service Hoppers Crossing station.

Squealing Sound

Are you constantly hearing squealing noises from your brake pads? Too much dirt on the brake pads can make your brake squeal and cleaning them will set them right. However, when the squealing turns into grinding, you need to inspect them as the metal pads might have started rubbing and a replacement or brake fluid change is necessary to fix them. Have a Mechanic Hoppers Crossing inspect your brake pads immediately.

Hissing Sound From Underneath & Bonnet

When your car is leaking, it makes a hissing noise like a snake. The fluid discharge from your car can be harmful or sometimes too hot to touch. Instead of wondering what it is, get an appointment with a car service for diagnosis and repair.

Rattling Sound

Though annoying to hear, sometimes your car makes a rattling sound.  Instead of panicking, you must check the car’s trunk for any loose items rolling inside.  If you’re too concerned, ask your mechanic to check for something loose underneath the car and fix it immediately.

Whining Sound

A medium or slow whining sound may be an indication that your car’s transmission system is failing. So, it’s good to have a professional handle your car’s issue for the best results.

Rurrrr Sound

Is your car battery roaring when you start the vehicle?  Or a clicking sound when you turn on the vehicle? Both the sounds indicate that your car battery having issues and needs to get resolved quickly.

If you are unsure of what’s going on with your car, contact Mr Mekanix right away and get your car issues solved in minutes! For appointments, call us on (03) 9369 7778 today.


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